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Re: Farscape reference in Demons of Air?

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Keith does like to use "frell" a lot. Unrelated, but there's also a Doctor Who reference in the first Vanguard book.
He does? There is?? *requests Vanguard: Harbinger from library*

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See I didn't even get the Exomorph one until someone pointed that out to me, and that one was pretty obvious once I realize what it was. I just remembered that I did get Huilan right off the bad, but that's the only one the immediately comes to mind, although there probably have been a few others I got as quickly. For me I can usually pick out the influence of names and such fairly quickly, it's just the descriptions of people and things that I don't usually pick up.
See? Diff'rent strokes. I didn't pick up on Huilan until I either read one of the lovely annotations or read it here. And my little sister loves Lilo & Stitch!

The exomorph one slowly peeled back the layers of suspicion as to who Taran'atar was fighting as each new description until I was certain. That's the one that amuses me most, because it's only described, not named. If I loved Stitch like my sister does, that would probably be my favorite.

Isn't Ishmael the one with all of the cameo appearances by characters from other series, and franchises?
Wikipedia Yep.
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