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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

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Did they ever mention how he makes money?
Given that he says he's trying to turn over a new leaf when the bank robber tells him he's gonna have to help out... I assume he just took it.
Makes sense, especially if he took it from bank robbers, muggers, swindlers, etc.

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For those who want to know now what happens: Michael Bluth tries to improve Drunken Superman's identity problem. It works! Michael Bluth's wife was Drunken Superman's wife as well for about two millennia and she also has superpowers. They are immortal unless they pair up and all the other superheros paired up and died so they are the last ones. Back in the 1930s, someone tries to mug Drunken Superman and Wonder Woman and Drunken Superman got hurt and got amnesia so Wonder Woman left him so he wouldn't get hurt anymore and they got their superpowers back. But now since they spent time together, they are losing their powers again. Climax with triumph through adversity and Drunken Superman leaves and moves to New York but they all remain good friends. It's arrested development.
I was just reading up on Charlize Theron. I forgot that she was on Arrested Development. I haven't seen that show yet.
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