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Re: Writing Challenge- The winning entries.

May 2008 Challenge - Mail Call
by CeJay

Letters From Home

The following is a log of recovered communiquťs sent between a Cardassian woman named Senja of Avenal VII and her husband. They are presumed to have been sent during the final weeks of the Dominion War.

Dear Beloved Husband,

It is spring time here and I know your heart would warm with delight if you could see this yearís plentiful tirak harvest. Old and young are celebrating the end of our recent years of drought and famine with great excitement and spirit.

Iím also filled with pride to be able to tell you that Hernas, your son, has not stopped to astonish his teachers with his insights in galactic events. Just the other day he proposed the idea of a united quadrant in which our people will lead as examples and without the need for violence or subjugation. I donít think the Vorta commander likes his ideas too much. I know you donít think much of our neighbor Trebus, but he told me that he can see our son to grow up to be a great philosopher some day.

There are so many delightful news, my husband, which can only mean that the fates are smiling on us. The Vorta keeps speaking of our victory against the Federation to be close at hand and I for one cannot wait for that day to arrive so that I may welcome you back to your home.

Your son and I miss you greatly. I understand the sacrifices you must make for Cardassia and I can only hope that my letters will continue to give you strength for what you must do.

Love from your loyal wife and glory to the Union.

* * *

My Dearest Wife,

I cannot express in words the pride and satisfaction that I feel from serving here at Central Command and my part to help bring victory to Cardassia and our allies.

The Dominion has become a most valuable friend to our people and with our new alliance with the Breen the Federation and their puppets will not stand a chance against us.

It would be remiss of me if I didnít praise Legate Damar who has become a formidable leader even if treacherous voices have emerged to suggest that the Vorta and the Changeling now hold complete control over Cardassia. But do not listen to these distracting tales, dear wife. Cardassia now is stronger than it has ever been before.

I hope you remember the emergency shelter which I begun to work on before leaving for Prime. Please ensure you continue to work on it in the unlikely event that or enemies will strike against Avenal.

As for Trebus, he is best advised to keep his wicked hands off the kanar bottle and mind his own business. As we have discussed on many occasions Hernas will join the Fourth Order and continue the legacy of serving Cardassia like his father and my father before me.

I shall see you and our son again soon. Glory to Cardassia.

* * *

My Beloved Husband,

We had a bit of a scare a few days ago when we learned that a Klingon attack had taken place. Our soldiers and the JemíHadar fought valiantly however and completely destroyed the invaders. We celebrated their destruction until the early morning hours.

But the JemíHadar and their Vorta leader are becoming more demanding of us by the day. Yesterday a JemíHadar patrol came into Hernasí school and took away the teacher because they didnít like his lessons. He had taught at the school for fifteen years! He had adamantly refused to teach that the changelings are gods and so the Vorta had him taken away. Nobody knows where they took him.

I know I should not worry about these things but some of the people are getting anxious. The authorities wonít do anything and old Trebus is saying that they now take their orders from the Vorta as well.

I would never dream of questioning the wisdom of Legate Damar or his policies, I know they are for the greater good of Cardassia. We are at war and I perfectly understand the need for sacrifice.

Please watch out for yourself.

With limitless love for you and Cardassia.

* * *

Dear Wife,

Times are difficult and I would be lying if I was to say that it will become easier before we have emerged victorious.

The Breen have struck a decisive victory at the very heart of the Federation and some say that Cardassian commandos have destroyed their Starfleet Headquarters on Earth and will return to Cardassia with their president as a trophy.

Do not worry about matters that are beyond your grasp of understanding. People much smarter than you or even myself have come together to ensure that Cardassia will once again rule the galaxy as their rightful masters with the Klingons, Humans and Romulans as our servants.

Tend to my son with all your love and care and nurture him so that one day he will take his part in our glorious future.

Glory to Cardassia.

* * *

Beloved Husband,

Iíve heard terrible rumors about Legate Damar having turned against Cardassia. I cannot believe that a man you have spoken off so highly would betray his people. Was he not a close associate of the great Dukat who made Cardassia great again?

The news are very confusing and Iím not sure what to believe. Trebus has been suggesting that it is not Damar who has turned on us but the Dominion. We are all very afraid and I hope you would be able to provide clarity in these times of uncertainty.

My eternal love for you and Cardassia.

* * *

Dear Wife,

Events have been unfolding quickly here on Prime and I cannot say much now. Damar is no longer our leader and I donít know ---- I cannot speak now, I will contact you again as soon as I can.

Be careful.

* * *

My Beloved Husband,

I havenít heard from you in over two weeks and Iím greatly concerned.

The JemíHadar have tripled their patrols and the Vorta has ordered a general curfew after dark. Iím too scared to leave the house since Ö I didnít tell you but they raided Trebusí place next door saying that he is a traitor for having sided with Damarís rebellion. It all happened very quickly and I think may have killed him. You should be proud to know that I didnít cry. Iím trying to be strong for you and for our son. He keeps asking when youíll be back.

We have began to work on the shelter which you told us about in case of a Federation attack. I now fear that it might not be the Federation we will have to hide from.

I just wish you could come back soon. I need you.

Forgive me for being weak.

Eternal love.

* * *

Dear Wife,

I am proud to hear that you have weathered these confusing weeks with strength and wit. There is restlessness in the air here on Prime as well.

You must have faith that our new leader Legate Broca has a handle on the situation. I hear that he along with the Vorta, Weyoun and the Changeling have managed to kill Damar and end this awful rebellion.

We have paid a high price for Damarís treachery. Lakarian City has been wiped out by Dominion forces which were forced into action after the rebellion sabotaged the planetís power grid. I mourn for the millions of Cardassianís lost but we cannot look back now. The Federation and its allies are knocking on our door and we must stand ready to defend what we love.

Never before have I depended more on your strength than I do now, my wife. Tell my son that his father lived and died for Cardassia. Tell him of the sacrifices a man must make to defend his land. Someday he will understand and I hope so will you.

My love to you and our son and to Cardassia. Shall it never cease to be great.

* * *

My Dearest Husband,

I do not understand what has happened anymore. They say Damar is alive and a hero, liberating us from the evil of the Dominion. There is fighting in our streets now, our fields are scorched and many houses in the city are on fire.

The news from Prime is contradictory. Some says that we have fought back the Federation and that Cardassia is victorious while others say that the Dominion has turned against us and attacking our people.

There is chaos here. I have retreated into the emergency shelter with Hernas but I donít know how much longer we can stay here with power and supplies dwindling.

Please, husband, will you not give us instructions of what we should do? I fear I have reached the end of my sanity.

* * *

Dear Husband,

Please respond if you can. There are voices crying on the streets that the Dominion has destroyed Prime but I cannot believe this. How could this have happened? Husband, please talk to me and tell me what to do.

Hernas keeps saying we should go out and see about the Starfleet ships which they shout have arrived in the system. I am so scared. I do not know what to do. I think I will stay in the shelter and wait to hear from you.

I love you, always and ever.

Please, talk to me Ö.

No further communiquťs were recovered.

The Cardassian planet Avenal VII surrendered two days later to a combine Starfleet and Klingon taskforce.

Senja and her son Hernas were recovered one week later from within a sealed shelter underneath their home by Starfleet personnel and treated for exhaustion and malnutrition.

Senjaís husband was identified as Glinn Rentrek stationed at Central Command. His fate has not been determined but he was presumably killed in the Dominion bombardment of Cardassia Prime in which an estimated 800 million Cardassians perished.
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