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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

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I think the idea is that the more time they spend near each other the more power they lose. So he isn't necessarily helpless while she's there, he's just more vulnerable than he would be otherwise.
The only part of that I have difficulty with is the "not helpless" part. Shot, beat up and the like...sure seemed nearly helpless to me.
Well look at Superman when he's exposed to Kryptonite, he still seems to take a beating, and still manages to get away. I don't see it as much different really.

I guess the reason for being at opposite ends of country is that they have more leeway, and less temptation to see each other again. I know, given they can fly, and all that, it won't make much difference.
I didn't understand that part either, to tell the truth. They could just keep GPS tags on one another to make sure they didn't "run into" each other. But a wholesale move? Meh.
He's pretty much homeless, living in a couple of trailers he could pick up and move anywhere. What does he care if he's more or less homeless in LA or NY?
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