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Re: Hancock - Grading & Discussion

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Out of curiosity, did the two people who voted "below average" and "poor" post their reasons? Or see the movie?
I just voted, but I think you know my reasons from the other thread. The first third is alright, aside from some really uncouth jokes. It's the dramatic tonal shift I didn't care for, going from comedy to sci-fi/drama. Then there's the internal logic: if Mary and Hancock negate each other's powers, how does Hancock survive the fall from the hospital window onto a bus and then onto the street. And if running down the street is enough distance between the two to regain power, why does he need to go to the other side of the country?

LA is big enough to stay on each end and be okay.
I think the idea is that the more time they spend near each other the more power they lose. So he isn't necessarily helpless while she's there, he's just more vulnerable than he would be otherwise.
As she explained, 80 years ago after he got beat up, and they left her on the street, he was already healing by the time she got to the hospital. So a short distance is enough to make a difference.

I guess the reason for being at opposite ends of country is that they have more leeway, and less temptation to see each other again. I know, given they can fly, and all that, it won't make much difference.
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