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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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The stories collected in Different Seasons, which are among the best things he ever wrote, show that he has the potential to do more than crank out The Latest King Novel every few months. It's not like he needs the money-- he should experiment!
What's even more puzzling is that he retired primarily because he was afraid that he'd run out of original things to say, and was now just "talking because the silence when [he] stops is just too spooky." The he unretires, and what does he do? Go back to writing exactly the same types of novels with exactly the same sets of concerns and conceits that he'd always been doing! When I read "Lisey's Story" I was hoping for some variation, but got another "artist-who-doesn't-understand-his-own-genius-and-whose-work-is-an-alternate-reality-that-is-horrifying-but-somehow-rejuvinating-so-it's-all-okay-MONSTER!" story. Like the zillion others he'd written.
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