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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

I read some Straub years ago; I forgot every word within weeks. Well, not every word; I still recollect 'and' and 'the.'

Stephen King is a puzzle. He was amazing in his prime, and he has an enviable prolificness. And I always loved his local color, being from New England myself. But I lost interest in him years ago. Part of it is his tendency to be so long winded. Even at the height of his powers, he was better at the short form than at novels. Part of it is the sameness, and that his postmodernism and crudity seem quaintly 80s. I really wish he would stretch his legs more. The stories collected in Different Seasons, which are among the best things he ever wrote, show that he has the potential to do more than crank out The Latest King Novel every few months. It's not like he needs the money-- he should experiment!
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