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Re: An Idea For A Game/Project

To be honest, I'm relieved to see that at least some of you are interested. Maybe we can do this after all.

Ptrope wrote: View Post
I agree that it might help to have a list of who does the next panel, or maybe when a panel is complete, a member can post for the next one and they have three or four days to post it, or it goes to the next person who claims it.
Yeah, that were my thoughts, too. But I was thinking of a week for everyone to post a panel.

Ptrope wrote: View Post
I think it's a good idea, with a lot of potential - count me in. I'm much better at single images than series, so this is right up my alley
It's good to hear that.

PlanetMudd wrote: View Post
it's an intriguing idea ... would this be a serious story or just quirky? I could be in ... just for fun.
It'd be cool to have you. As for the nature of the story: Well, I think that's about to be seen ...

Vektor wrote: View Post
I'd suggest running it the same way the monthly contests work. Kick it off with a first panel and then let people submit entries for a week or so, at which point they are put up to a popular vote and the winner becomes the next panel in the series. People get to choose not only on the basis of the art work but also on which direction they want the story to go.

I suspect something like this would appeal most strongly to traditional artists. The Poser guys could probably work with it, but anything CG is going to be a lot harder and more time consuming. Could make for some very interesting results.
Vektor, thanks for your reply. And I think your idea sounds good. But somehow I'm reluctant to make this a contest. I really don't know. What do others think?

Masao wrote: View Post
I've seen this kind of thing done on comic-artist's and illustrator's boards. People sign up/announce their willingness to participate, and an order for the artists is set (usually in the order of sign up). Each person has a set time (typically a week) to post the next picture after the preceding picture is posted. If the person misses the deadline (or announces their inability to make the deadline), the assignment falls to the next person. Since we might have a limited number of participants, we could cycle through the list. People could also join and drop out at any time.
That's exactly how I imagined it.

Masao wrote: View Post
I'd be up for this.
Very cool!

So we have:


Anyone who wants to be the first?
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