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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

MSNBC article about Rock Band 2

A sequel to the play-along music game that redefined the genre last year will be released first for the Xbox 360 in September, according to publisher MTV Games and developer Harmonix. "Rock Band 2" will feature a new variety of instruments, online modes and songs, and will allow players to import their previously purchased "Rock Band" tunes.


"Rock Band" allows up to four gamers to form a virtual band, thrashing and singing along to songs with friends online or in-person on various phony instruments. The second edition will feature a playlist of over 80 songs all master recordings which will include more female-fronted bands and artists who have never contributed tunes to a music game.


All prior versions of "Rock Band" instruments, as well as many from the competing "Guitar Hero" franchise, will also be compatible with "Rock Band 2." Harmonix will unleash a collection of new instrument-shaped controllers, including a sturdier drum kit and a Fender Stratocaster reproduction guitar lined with faux wood-grain buttons.


MTV Games and Harmonix are releasing 12 "Rock Band" songs on July 15 from The Who ranging from "My Generation" to "Who Are You" that all utilize the band's master recordings. The tracks will be available for $1.99 individually or $19.99 together. The special release coincides with the upcoming "VH1 Rock Honors" ceremony commemorating The Who.

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