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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

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Starbuck as it turns out was the first Human/Cylon hybrid. She is the daughter of a Saul Tigh model and a woman named Zuzu Petals. Starbuck brought death to her people, both Cylon and Human, by bringing them together when they were meant to be forever apart.
Zuzu's petals? This is why this entire thing is fake. Funny though...

PS: It's a Wonderful Life, anyone
yeah i caught that too..

they get you going and then they throw in the punch line..
zuzu's petals..

and a lot of sympathy i used to have for boomer went out the window with the way she has acted since lay down your burdens.
of course they have yet to explain the way she changed, even threating to kill hera.

i just saw her earlier behavior as a conflict between who she thought she was and living up to that and what the programming was trying to do.
including not hittting adama with a killing shot.
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