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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN

Fair enough.

I admit that my comments have been borderline what you've described. And, since I was the only person like that who happened to be posting in this particular thread, I figured I should at least consider the possibility that you were speaking of me.

At any rate, you're correct in saying it would be unfair to say that this movie will be bad without having seen it.

By the same token, I don't think it's unfair to say that there are elements about it that we know that we may or may not believe will make us, as individuals, not like the film.

For example. We know the bulk of the casting. And, as such, we know that despite what seem to be a couple of very good casting choices, there are at least one or two that appear to be completely wrong. Wrong, unless you give credibility to the character sheet that was reportedly leaked back at the beginning of this project.

We also know the general plot outline for the movie. A plot that's essentially the same as ST: OGAM.

The enemy (Nero/Charlie Evans) travels back in time hoping to kill Kirk and unravel the time line. A vulcan gets killed trying to stop them (Old Spock/Young Tuvok) but manages to mind meld with somebody (Young Spock/Harriman) that gives him enough info to set things right.

Given how things changed in OGAM and Yesterday's Enterprise, I suppose some of those altered character traits make a certain amount of sense. Which is fine, so long as they correct the differences by film's end.

If they do, however, casting somebody like Karl Urban will still be wrong. Which is why I, personally, don't believe that the timeline will be corrected. At least, not completely.

I suspect that there is a reason why the PTB behind this film said from the start that this movie is NOT Star Trek XI, but rather simply "Star Trek."
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