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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN

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Well, TJinPgh, unless you've actually said that every piece of information that's come out about this movie (which everyone else says is a whole lot about nothing) is more than enough to form a conclusive and decisive negative opinion on everything about the movie (I guess a blurry picture of John Cho's back is as good as watching the actual movie from start to finish), and spend all your time bitching on this board about how bad it's going to be, then I'm not talking to you.
Sarcasm duly noted.

Though, I reject the notion that forming a negative opinion based on the information that's been released is no more or less valid than forming a positive one.

I'll simply say I'm an American movie goer. We form opinions on movies on a weekly basis having been given far less information than what's gone around these boards.

Which, as I said before, is something that any Trek movie must contend with if they are going to try to attract something beyond the existing Trek fan.

There isn't a movie goer much above the age of 15 that doesn't already have an opinion of everything Star Trek. Most of those opinions are negative despite the fact that most have probably never seen a single episode or movie.

As an aside, I don't recall myself ever, personally, having said I think this movie will be bad.

I've said that I no longer patronize movies done like this and have yet to see anything compelling me to change my mind. I've also said I think it will be the second Trek movie in a row to earn less than it cost to make. In this case, I suspect substantially less.

Neither has much to do with the quality of the story.
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