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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own risk)

That "complete story on starbucks Viper" is rampant speculation, not a spoiler. No way.

About Boomer: I wonder what makes people so resistant to this particular theory (I think it is indeed her)? BSG is not always a very logical show, doesn't always bother to explain everything (I wonder what the explanation for Tigh being a Cylon will be in the end), so why do people think it can't possibly be Boomer even after the comments from D'Anna and RDM (last supper), which seem to exclude all the conventional candidates between them?

People were pissed off about Tigh, they may be pissed off again in the future. And would, say, Ellen Tigh or Seelix be a better final Cylon as far as not being pissed off goes?
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