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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN

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What are you talking about???? According to a certain poster, he already has more than enough information about the movie to form a 100% complete and accurate negative review of it! Which will completely validated by the 15 times he goes to see it in search of more things to hate that will fulfill his prophecy.
Since there's more than one of us out there that doesn't think that this movie will be successful, I won't make assumptions about whom you are speaking.

I'll simply say that I will never know whether this movie is any good or not, as I have no intention of seeing it.

But, as I've said in the past, the fact that I believe it will be a box office failure has nothing to do with my personal decision to not go see it.

I no longer patronize recast and re-imagined films. At least those I know ahead of time fall into those categories.

I was a big fan of Get Smart, but I won't be seeing that one, either.

Will I ever see this movie? Probably. It will show up on some non-premium TV channel sooner or later.
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