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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN

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That's a nice scene in TFF, but it doesn't say it's newborn Spock.
True enough. And, as I said, the scene described could very well be after what we saw in V.

Also, since Spock obviously can't remember his own birth, the scene is more about how Spock FELT his father treated him, rather than being a literal thing that actually happened.
Perhaps. Spock told Kirk they were witnessing his birth. So, I took it at face value

As an aside, we've heard nothing from the casting of this movie to suggest that there will be any mention of Sybok.

I'd say a fairly detailed description of three scenes from the movie is certainly 'meaty'!
I wasn't suggesting the descriptions weren't detailed enough. Assuming they're legit, they're fine.

I was simply saying that perhaps the reason Abrams allowed AICN to see those particular clips was because there's no real importance to them. They're fine for what they are, but nothing of significance happens in that seven minutes to really denote whether the story is any good or not.
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