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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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Lennier is hardly objective on the matter of love, unrequited or not. I would hardly call Delenn and Sheridan's love for each other unrequited.

which made it all-the-more cruel when Delenn told Lennier that he was wrong
As much as I felt for Lennier, I'm glad that JMS gave that fallible aspect to Delenn's character. At times, the character seemed too damn sanctified.

She couldn't hurt Lennier by being straight forward with him; so, she ended up hurting him more. When she told John that "Three is sacred," it showed that a part of her couldn't let go of Lennier because he provides something that John can't even though she romantically loves the latter over the former.

Ah, for some of us, indeed, love is unrequited. Poor Lennier. Poor Zack. And poor Marcus.
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It is so refreshing to find fellow Trek fans who enjoy B5 equally and will communicate in civil fashion.
Both shows share similarities but the characters are very different and ultimately that's what makes them different.
In the end, paramount rejecting B5 may have been for the better, no way would characters and character arcs of the likes of Franklin, Garabaldi or Gkar be allowed in a Trek series, well, pre ENT.
I never understood the rivalry between 'verses. I find something in one that I don't find in the other. Together both universes offer a separate, yet equally compelling world view. Ultimately, both 'verses are about hope against the most difficult of odds. Perhaps, they are more similar than we would like to believe.
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