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Re: Angelina Jolie: Genre babe of the week #27 (June 2008)

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If the next GBOW is who I think she'll be then I'd expect her to make the runoff. But then ya never know. Who squeaked through to take the last spot last year?
The week X-Files come sout the Genre Babe better damn-well be Gillian Anderson. And, frankly, I think she'll be another landslide.

I can't believe people are actually giving her thumbs down.
Someone above put it nicely, something about her having the lips of a blowfish and the body of Jar-Jar binks. Which I think sums it up well.

If extreme.

"Dressed down" she's not too bad but, again, for me she's got too many negatives against her that takes her from an UP to a SIDEWAYS. Fish Lips, Skanky, nasty, Tats, bony body and, I dunno, her head looks like an alien or something.

She doesn't light my fire. I wouldn't kick her out of bed but she doesn't get my blood pumping either.
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