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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Spoilers From AICN

The fact that AICN has misinformed us of "facts" about this movie in the past aside...

I suppose it's just me, but I see nothing either encouraging nor discouraging about any of this. Nor do I really consider it a spoiler.

All we really have is confirmation that the movie is visually dynamic and that there are scenes with Pike, Sarek, etc.

Actually, I'm wrong. The fact that there's no dialog in the scene with Amanda and Sarek holding the newborn Spock is a little discouraging since we already know what Sarek says when Spock is born. Although, I suppose this scene could be after that.

At any rate, with respect to the visual dynamics of the film... with a $150m budget, I should hope it's visually dynamic.

Seems to me that Abrams has once again thrown a bone to the dogs. And, as usual, there's no meat on it.
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