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Re: The prime directive

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There have been instances where the Federation itself has apparently "forgotten" about the Prime Directive. One such was when Captain Kirk was ordered to open negotiations with the [COLOR=#002bb8]Capellans[/COLOR] for a valuable ore, despite the culture being a pre-warp civilization. ([COLOR=#002bb8]TOS[/COLOR]: "[COLOR=#002bb8]Friday's Child[/COLOR]") Another was when Kirk was ordered to organize the defense of the planet [COLOR=#002bb8]Organia[/COLOR], despite the appearance that the inhabitants were a pre-warp civilization. It could be argued, however, that with the impending Klingon invasion of the planet, that the Directive was rendered moot at that point. ([COLOR=#002bb8]TOS[/COLOR]: "[COLOR=#002bb8]Errand of Mercy[/COLOR]")
There is nothing in General Order #1 about "pre-warp" - that was TNG stuff. If we're going to talk about it, let's use it as it was used in this series.

EDIT: Ah. Arex beat me to it.
You know, TOS was the only show to actually quote part of the PD, yet so many people have trouble understanding it.
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