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Re: Takei Obtains Wedding License

TrekToday just can't get enough of this.

During this news cycle there was "Takei On Recent California Marriage Decision" (May 17).

Then there was "Takei Sets The Date" (June 2).

Then there was "Takei Obtains Wedding License (June 18).

I can't wait for "Highlights of Takei's Wedding Night." Maybe George and Brad could put some videos up on the Web. The world needs to see how two aging homosexuals consumate their relationship.

Oh, wait. That ship sailed long ago.

Still, it's a big occasion. Viagra could take care of any performance problems. BTW, why aren't there any gay men in ads for erectile dysfunction medication? George and Brad could be the first. I think it's a great idea. Millions of people know George already.

Back to the wedding night, the loving couple could supercharge their desire with a little visual stimulation. I suggest some mainstream movies (not porn--these are classy people). George and Brad could watch Brokeback Mountain (so obvious), High School Musical (lots of young men there too--or so I hear ) and Deliverance (save this for the scene where Ned Beatty squeals like a pig as he experiences penetration).

Anyone have ideas for the next story. How about Takei's Carnival Cruise honeymoon?
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