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Re: Angelina Jolie: Genre babe of the week #27 (June 2008)

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Thumbs sideways. Nice bod, save the ugly, big, biker tats; but the big lips mostly do her in with me. Whoever invented the collagen injection should burn in hell.
She had big dick sucking lips way before they started that collagen injection crap. Watch Hackers-she is hot as hell.
I watched Hackers once and had to have partial labotomy and six years of therapy to have its memory removed.

Collagen injection or not, her lips don't appeal to me at all. Nor do the trashy biker-tats. I've nothing against tats on a girl, in general, but the style of tats she has just aren't appealing on her. My thumbs remain sideways. But, in reality, it'd fall between sideways and up. She still got a pretty rockin' bod as genrally hot but for me she has big negatives.

I also think that in these threads the "other things up" thing is PLAYED.
Just because it's futuristic doesn't mean it's practical.
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