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Re: The Art of Star Trek: Reanimated - The Sequel

Just thought I'd post this, since it will undoubtedly figure in my creation of Spock (this is actually the original Vulcan image I used for the figure in my June forum challenge entry):

I need to work on the texture somewhat, to eliminate where the original reddish color of the lips bleeds out of the material zone - more just a matter of adjusting the overall tone of the texture map, since the green cast here is added under the normal fleshy texture map. And, yes, Spock is going to get green lips, in keeping with his green blood .

The black eyes are not for the project - I wanted them that way for the composition image. (not knowing at the time that I was going to invert it, in the end)
Star Trek: Reanimated - it's more than just a cartoon!

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