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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Nothing for weeks, but when I turn my head I discover 3 (three) new members in this thread -just goes to show: I should never -ever- go off-line!

LeopardessGirl, Robert Simmons and Wheo!

Don't take anything on this board too serious and you'll never leave.

C'm'ere LeopardessGirl

The avatars, Robert Simmons, are a mix of two exclusive T-BBS memes at the moment, normally they're a lot more sombre (if less fun though)

*Squee* another fangirl! -you people really light up the board! -As I understand it it was one of you that started this 'sexy guy avatar week' (I have joined in on the fun b/c I luv all that eye-candy the girls are wearing and want to give a little in return )
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