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Re: Anne Hathaway: Genre babe of the week #26 (June 2008)

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Thumbs down.
Dude, WTF??

Listen. You need to keep taking the pills. They wear off if you stop.
You know, he's not the only person who doesn't like her.

Yeah, but you don't like Chase Masterson either, so we know all we need to about your taste!

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Hathaway's ex arrested on fraud charges

Looks like the guy is in a lot of trouble. He's been living off of investors' money and could go to jail for a long time.

And if anyone is interested, here is her ex's company's website... The Follieri Group

Anne used to be on the board of directors of his charity.
Get back to me when we get her current partner out of the way!
He is out of the way. That's the guy she broke up with less than two weeks ago.
Jolly good.

Anne - now you're free, give me a call, 'k?
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