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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Disclaimer: Doctor Who, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the Time Lords belong to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The Drahvins belong to the BBC and the Estate of William Emms. The Daleks belong to the Estate of Terry Nation. Anything else belongs to me.

Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 3 – Plan of the Drahvins

Sub-chapter 2 – Malware of the Daleks

Part 2

Sigrun and Jia'hale wait patiently whilst guarding Kellira, when suddenly an alarm sounded in the Drahvin Bridge...

Sigrun saw that Kellira was suddenly afraid.

“What is wrong?” she asked.

“It is a decompression alarm! But how?” Kellira asked.

“Maybe your compatriots have decided to sacrifice you, to kill The Doctor and us, not knowing that the TARDIS is here” Jia'hale said.

“No! They wouldn't do that, besides they wouldn't believe that the Doctor could take over the bridge to begin with!” Kellira exclaimed.

Suddenly the access hatch that The Doctor and his companions had used to enter the bridge slammed shut!

“There is only one way out of this bridge now,” Sigrun said. Then a voice rasped over the bridge comm system…


“Into the TARDIS!” Sigrun said, flinging the door wide open, and dragging Kellira in after her, leaving Jia'hale to decide about what to do about the knocked out guards.

The Doctor was surprised when he heard the doors open and looked up to see Sigrun dragging Kellira into the ship.

“A Dalek program is decompressing the bridge,” Sigrun said.

“Bring her in, but we have Dalek stuff in the scanner as well, seem to have infected the plan file,” The Doctor said.

“I could have sworn that it was a Thal ship, not a Dalek ship,” Kellira said.

“So, you are behind this invasion of Earth?” The Doctor said.

“Of course I am, with the blessing of the Matriarchy,” Kellira said, as if that was obvious.

“Of course, but you did not take into account that the Thals were the Daleks' oldest enemy, and thus were not above copying their designs so that a scenario like the one that is occurring now, will happen,” The Doctor said, exasperated that any Drahvin would fall for one of the oldest tricks in the metaphorical Dalek book, it most certainly had made his attempt to defeat their invasion of the Azores much harder.

Out in the bridge, air was screaming out of the TARDIS doors, which Sigrun had left open; the air pressure in the bridge having been reduced to a 1/3 atmosphere. However the sea level air pressure of Tossekia IV being 2/3 atmosphere, Jia'hale was not struggling that much as she started dragging the still-alive-but-knocked-out Drahvin guards to the TARDIS...

Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor was worried. The air pressure in the console room was down to 2/3 atmospheres, with air screaming out of the internal door from the corridors, as well as from the ventilation ducts that served the console room. He could see Jia bringing he guards into the console room, just beyond the doors and then dashing back out again.

Inside the scanner circuitry the Dalek and Time Lord software continue to battle each other.

“Right, Sabie you can keep watch on the computer, you can attempt to reach me and Elisha on the internal comm,” The Doctor said.

Since when does the TARDIS have an internal comm?' Felicia thought, at that, surprised that she could hear the Doctor properly above the scream of the circulation system.

“Ok, Sigrid, keep an eye on 'Ira'tant and her soldiers, keep them away from any important things,” The Doctor said. He could see that Sigrun was willing to watch Kellira for as long as needed.

“What are you doing Doctor?” Daniel asked.

“I am going to look for a program that I haven't used since the Time War for combating Dalek battle programs, it is stored in a storage device somewhere in the depths of the TARDIS, I may need it to expunge the Dalek programs from the Scanner circuitry and the Drahvin computer systems,” The Doctor said.

“I can keep an eye on her,” Sigrun said.

“Good, Elisha, come on,” The Doctor said.

“What about me?” Daniel asked, as The Doctor and Felicia went towards the internal door.

“Help the others, and if a serious problem, that you think you cannot deal with arises, you can come looking for us,” The Doctor said. He and Felicia then left the console room.

“Ok...,” Daniel said.

The air pressure in the bridge had dropped to 1/4th of atmospheric pressure; Jia'hale was now beginning to find it hard to breathe, though she could see that the Drahvin guards remaining in the bridge were having more difficulty.

Inside the Drahvin computer system, the Dalek programs spread through more of their systems.

Jia'hale pushes more of the guards to the TARDIS, against the wind coming out of the doors, not aware that the air pumps servicing the bridge are nearing their failure points, so she kept up the effort to best of her ability.

Being that the sound of the air pumps was not penetrating to the area of the bridge near the TARDIS...

The Doctor and Felicia run along the TARDIS corridors.

“Are you sure you know where this thing is Doctor? You did say that you haven't used it since the Time War, and the TARDIS does change its layout a lot, it could be anywhere,” Felicia said.

“I don't know where it is now, but I do know where I put it, I just have to rely on my instincts to find it” The Doctor said.

“I hope that your instincts are right this time, that you can find it, and that you haven't jettisoned the room it was in the meantime,” Felicia said. The Doctor hoped that Felicia's hopes were not in vain.

Jia'hale looks at the Drahvin bridge one last time, before leaping back into the TARDIS against the wind still exiting the ship.

Jia'hale slams the doors shut, and then breathes deeply as the air pressure in the console room returns to normal.

“Now all we can do is wait for The Doctor to return,” Sigrun said.

“Agreed!” Jia'hale said, as she lay on the floor to rest amongst the Drahvin guards, who were still unconscious.

In the Drahvin bridge a readout says 'Decompression Complete'

A Dalek AI accesses a camera and looks at the bridge, and spots the TARDIS.

Blue Box! It is The Doctor! Exterminate The Doctor! The Oncoming Storm! The Doctor!” the AI initiates more uploads to the TARDIS.

When those are complete it initiates the Drahvin Flagship's self destruct sequence, although it is not 100% sure that it would take the TARDIS with it.

The bridge readout now says 'Self Destruct in 2 minutes'. A large vibration starts up, shaking the bridge.

“More programs are being downloaded into the scanner circuitry,” Sabrina said, concerned that more malware was being downloaded into the TARDIS.

“Can you stop it?” Daniel asks.

“No!” Sabrina said, trying to stop the download.

The download completes. Another set of programs are initiated.

A warning flashes on the scanner screen.

“What is that?” Daniel asked.

“The Drahvin ship has been set to self destruct!” Sabrina said.

What!” Kellira exclaimed. Sigrun had to restrain her from hitting Sabrina.

“How could that happen?” she asked.

“Obviously it is the Dalek malware,” Sabrina said.

“I know that there is Dalek malware, but it is impossible for someone who is not responsible for the ship to set the self destruct sequence,” Kellira said. 'It is impossible' she thought, but then she had not expected the Doctor to interfere with the Drahvin's plans either.

“I think you underestimate the Daleks, all of them were geniuses capable of hacking the most secure computer systems. Or so the Doctor says. They would definitely be capable of programming Artificial Intelligences capable of doing similar things,” Sabrina said.

“Someone has to tell the Doctor about the self destruct,” Daniel said.

“You can go,” Sigrun said; Sabrina agreed with her.

“I guess so, I hope that I will be able to find them,” Daniel said, he then exited the console room.

Kellira was still having trouble believing that her ship was going to self destruct.

“That is what the scanner says, and infected as it is with Dalek malware, it is right and there is nothing you can do about it,” Sabrina said. Kellira huffed, still not believing what Sabrina had said.

On the bridge of the doomed Drahvin starship, the readout now says '50 seconds to self destruct'






The Doctor and Felicia move deeper into the TARDIS, the corridors had changed from their usual rounded look, to look more like tunnels lined with brick...

Felicia hadn't been this far from the console room before; she hoped that The Doctor's instincts would not get them lost.

Daniel was running through the TARDIS corridors, hoping that he was following The Doctor and Felicia and not getting lost in the corridors or going in a completely different direction...

In the Console Room Kellira was still seething.

“Can't the TARDIS do something about the Dalek Malware?” she asked.

“I don't know, Kellira, we will have to wait for The Doctor to come back,” Sabrina said.

“The male companion will not find him in time, and there is no time for him to return, there are less than 15 seconds left!” Kellira said.

“Ok, we better brace ourselves for the ship exploding,” Jia'hale said.

“Brace yourselves!” Sabrina said, grabbing a-hold of the console.

Daniel caught up to The Doctor and Felicia.

“What is happening?” the Doctor asked.

“The Drahvin ship, its set to self des...,” He was then interrupted...





The self destruct ordinance in the Drahvin ship goes off, blasting the ship to pieces, sending shrapnel into the ships nearby, and totally destroying the park that the ships had landed in...

The TARDIS was knocked about a lot, but it had been through a lot worse, especially in the Time War.
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