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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise

^No, none of that. Just a a pointed tail and pitchfork.

And this is for Pioneer, who asked for elaboration:

City is my least favorite TOS episode simply because Joan Collins has always annoyed the hell out of me no matter what I see her in. Plus, after reading Ellison's book which included the original script, I found myself liking that version much better. I thought it would have made a good two parter, with Keeler recast, of course. The finished episode just seemed to be an abridged version after that.

The Alternative Factor is one of my favorites because I liked the mystery surronding Lazarus at first, then it turned out it was two guys, pne of which is from a parrallel universe (one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi plot devices). Of course, I was disapointed that we didn't get to see what distingushed our uinverse from the other one (Like we did in my all time favorite TOS show Mirror, Mirror), but that's okay. It was still a good episode.
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