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Re: Destiny trilogy - pretty heavy spoilers

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Fair enough, but with the novels as they are now, will the same really happen with "JJ's Star Trek"?
"As they are now" how?

I don't understand. What's wrong with the novels as they are now? If JJ's movie does well, why won't there be renewed interest in ST novels?
If a casual moviegoer - or even someone who's watched Trek in the past, but never sampled the novels - watches ST:XI and decides to pick up a few of the books, what's their point of entry?

Vanguard, a series which is set in the same era as the film, but features an unfamiliar cast of characters? Greater Than The Sum, ostensibly a TNG novel, but set beyond the series and featuring a handful of the original crew? One of William Shatner's books, starring a resurrected Kirk outside of mainstream continuity?

In the past, I've applauded and enjoyed things like the DS9 Relaunch, ongoing arcs, and original series. But I don't think those are the type of things that will draw in new readers - no matter how exciting and well-written they are, I'd question how accessible they are to newcomers.
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