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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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I tell ya though, watching it in first run would have been maddening but exquisitely so. Waiting each week for what would come next. But I'm impatient enough that I'm grateful I didn't have to wait so long.
"Maddening but exquisitely so" describes it nicely. First you'd would watch the episode and, if lucky, any encore showing. I was lucky to find some great online communities where we'd discuss (and dissect) each episode, too. Nothing like hanging out with the shows writer/creator as well as all the rest of the fans as we'd wait for an 'eep' as to whether or not each season would be renewed. That was truly maddening! Still, as into the show as I was, I didn't appreciate the true genius of the B5 method of storytelling until the second viewing, when the episodes were 'stripped' on TNT.

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