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Re: Moore On 'Star Trek' Clichés And 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'

Personally, I liked Moore's work on DS9 (although, his fixation on the Klingons really killed that race), but in every interview with him I read that asks him about Trek, I really get the impression that he feels that Trek is very beneath him and that he was the best writer ever on Star Trek. I don't know if he really feels like that, but that's the impression I get. Even others on Trek with ego (such as The Shat), still come off as Trek was good.

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Define 'successful'. nuBSG is successful in that it survived 4 years on the SciFi network on miniscule ratings and a devoted fanbase.
I would define successful as that he was able to do what he wanted to do with the show and it met critical praise. I admit, I don't watch BSG, but from what I can tell from others, I will give Moore credit that he doesn't seem to sell out to reach a wider audience by going to the lowest common denominator like, say, Andromeda.
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