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Re: Moore On 'Star Trek' Clichés And 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'

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I agree with Moore's assessments and views.
I agree with some of them, while others are just a lot of ego and bluster.

I'm still waiting an answer to this question I posted upthread:
??? What?

You didn't post any question in this thread, maybe you're thinking of a different thread?

Do you think he'd be this smug about his opinions of Trek if nuBSG hadn't been as successful?

no one seems to have an opinion either way?
Define 'successful'. nuBSG is successful in that it survived 4 years on the SciFi network on miniscule ratings and a devoted fanbase.

I just don't see how nuBSG figures into this at all. I don't think he suddenly became proud of his work on DS9 because he got a Lucas Powah Rush from running his own show.
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