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Re: Moore On 'Star Trek' Clichés And 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'

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This is spot on. To me, Voy and some of ENT was sooo much like TNG...just with different crews, i.e. going from one planet to the next...
Um, isn't that the point of Star Trek?
To see out new life and explore new worlds?
I always thought the point was to be entertaining, something DS9 was far more than VGR or ENT. Or even TNG, in retrospect.

Besides, they did a lot of strange new world stuff on DS9, and explored them far deeper than the throwaway forehead-of-the-week aliens we often got in the other shows.

Not to sit around whining about how life sucks?
Ah, you never watched the show then. Nevermind. There may have been a few very natural gripes early on in like the first 5 episodes, but that was part of the 'finding your place' theme.
Time Travel was and will be confusing
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