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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Disclaimer: Doctor Who, the Doctor, the TARDIS and the Time Lords belong to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The Drahvins belong to the BBC and the Estate of William Emms. The Daleks belong to the Estate of Terry Nation. Anything else belongs to me.

Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 3 – Plan of the Drahvins

Sub-chapter 2 – Malware of the Daleks

Part 1

The found Sabrina hunched over the console looking at the encryption of the Drahvin plan file with confusion...

“Kellira, may have some reason to boast, I can't make heads or tails of it, each time I try to decrypt, and the TARDIS with its capabilities can't do it either, as far as I can tell,” Sabrina said, she was very confused by the complexity of the encryption...

The Doctor looked at the file over Sabrina's shoulder.

“You may be right there Sabie, but I doubt that the Drahvins would be so stupid as to use a Dalek encryption program,” The Doctor said.

“What if they did?” Felicia asked.

She could see that The Doctor did not like that possibility. He absolutely did not like it one bit...

“The Daleks, as you know, are arrogant genocidal maniacal supremacists, and as such would not want anyone else hijacking their technology, and so they put in safeguards, in all of their technology, and generally everyone knows this, so they would not risk using Dalek technology, however, I see that the Drahvins would be arrogant enough to believe that the risk was worth taking,” The Doctor said; he was sure that the Drahvins might take such a risk if they thought it was worth it.

“So, what would these ‘safeguards’ be?” Felicia asked, dreading that The Doctor’s answer would be the harbinger of doom, at least for the Drahvins, and possibly for Ponta Delaga as well.

“At the least the Drahvin computers would be hosting dormant Dalek viruses that would wait until the opportune moment to strike, though what effect that they would have would be variable, depending on the Drahvins’ own cybernetic security,” The Doctor said, as he had been talking he had been looking at the encryption of the file that contained the Drahvin plan.

“So you think the encryption is a Dalek encryption? And if so would it contain one of these viruses?” Felicia asked, wondering if that was what the TARDIS was worried about, but as soon as she thought it, she knew that it wasn’t what the ship was afraid of.

“Good question, but even if the file does contain a Dalek virus, the TARDIS’s own security systems would be able to deal with it, even though it is a Type-40. The Time Lords were always way ahead of the Daleks in that area, as well as most others,” The Doctor said.

‘Of course there would be some damage, but it would certainly be limited,’ The Doctor thought. However, he knew that even Time Lord software could not stop the Dalek software from damaging some part of the TARDIS.

Inside the TARDIS's systems, the TARDIS attempts to decrypt the Drahvin plan file again, using extremely large prime numbers, however it fails again, the TARDIS is sure that the encryption is somehow outsmarting it, giving credence to the Doctor's suspicion that the Daleks had written at least some of the software behind the encryption.

The Doctor is aware that the TARDIS agrees with him about the possibility of Dalek software having been used by the Drahvins. He, Felicia and Sabrina attempt decryption again.

Something in the software associated with the Drahvin plan awakens...

Alert, Time Lord Software Detected! Activate Artificial Intelligence Subroutines!' A Trojan horse-ware program activates in the scanner circuitry where the plan file is stored, beginning to download more data from the Drahvin systems outside.

The TARDIS decides to alert The Doctor, in more ways than one...

“Oh no!” The Doctor says.

“What is happening Doctor?” Felicia asks.

“It is downloading more data from the Drahvin ship,” The Doctor said.

“Can it be stopped?” Felicia asked.

“Not that I can see,” Sabrina said, with stress showing in her voice. However the Doctor was back at the console, alongside her, trying to stop the download.

Outside the TARDIS, Kellira notices the bridge computers doing something, and is worried.

“What is happening?” Sigrun asks, knowing that something is happening with the computers…

“I don't know. I don't know much at all about the more advanced functions of computers, I have just used them for communications over the 'Nets and stuff,” Jia'hale said.

Kellira says nothing, she doesn't want to provoke The Doctor's more apparently competent companions, she knows that there will be re-enforcements soon, though she doesn't know what the computer activity portends, she was sure that the derelict ship that the encryption software came from was Thal, not Dalek! Though the possibility was there, and that possibility scared her.

“Too late, it’s downloading,” The Doctor said.

“Oh no!” Sabrina said.

“It is up to the TARDIS to stop it initiating,” he continued.

Inside the scanner circuitry, the downloaded software activates...

Time Lord Software confirmed, running Hardware Analysis” The software attempts to run the Hardware Analysis. However the TARDIS defences move into action, fighting the attempts to analyse the hardware, with help from the Doctor's input. In the meantime, the decryption effort continues, with Felicia and Sabrina helping there.

Many times the hardware analysis stops and re-starts as the process times out. The multiple failure of the hardware analysis activates another downloaded packet, one that activates and fights the TARDIS defences more aggressively. This time the hardware analysis determines the Gallifreyan origin of the hardware...

The Doctor curses, 'A non-translated Gallifreyan epithet'

Felicia starts at that, she had only heard that word before in a moment of severe stress, 'Which I am sure this situation qualifies as' she thought.

“What is wrong?” Sabrina asked, with very little hesitation.

“The software has determined that this is, in fact, a TARDIS!” the Doctor said, Sabrina could hear the concern in his voice, more clearly.

“I suppose that is not good?” Sabrina asked.

“It is most certainly not, Sabie!” the Doctor said. 'There are very few species or organisations that would be capable of writing such software' he thought.

Inside the scanner circuitry, another downloaded program activates...

TARDIS detected! Exterminate all Time Lord Control Software! Exterminate and Conquer, the Dalek AIs shall be triumphant! Exterminate!” The Dalek software commences a bigger cyber-battle against the TARDIS defences. The Dalek AI software being as arrogant as its creators, believed it was superior against the comparatively ancient Time Lord software. However the Time Lord software fights back more against the Dalek software.

The TARDIS then quarantines the scanner circuitry, to stop the infection spreading any further.

“Good, the quarantine is holding,” The Doctor said, a few moments later.

“But wouldn't that mean that the scanner is useless?” Sabrina asked, worried that the TARDIS had lost more functionality...

“Not useless, just unable to share its information with the rest of the TARDIS systems, meaning that to decrypt the plan file we just have to rely on ourselves and the computational capacity of the scanner circuitry itself,” The Doctor said.

The battle within the scanner continues, with the Dalek AIs attempting to move beyond the scanner circuitry, but continually failing.

One of the Dalek AIs then decides to do something else to force the Time Lord in control of the TARDIS (Not knowing that it is the Oncoming Storm) to give it access to his/her ship.
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