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Re: Blue Warp Nacelles?

pookha wrote: View Post
mighty fine but dosnt it need the adama glare??

wuzit2u wrote: View Post
Ah, what the heck. I suppose it's time for me to stop lurking in here and join the fiesta. íViva el Sombreroprise!

wuz has stepped into the thread..
we are not worthy..

Smiley wrote: View Post
ITL graciously made up a sombrero-ized Darth Tater picture for me, so I can now get in on the fun. I've enjoyed this whole thread immensely. My favorite parts have been the movie conversations with sombreros. We just need a STII parody, and our Sombrero-Genesis trilogy will be complete.
we already have a bit from search for spock (or search for sombrero) but i dont
think anyone has done anything with kruge yet.

and i thought of one for wrath of khan that plays on something we have seem.
it is the project genesis tape demo from khan but instead of just the genesis wave crossing the planet we see a sombrero flying over as the planet transforms.
I did this previously -

And how about this -

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