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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Just joined. Known about the board for a few years now, but have been busy with other things. Wanted to join when time permitted. NOw seems to be a good time. Been a Trek fan since 1973 when I first saw it at age 7. Prefer TOS. A tad rusty Star Fleet Battles player. Collected almost everything Stephen Cole created for the game till 1996. Primary interest in the game is in close in combat tactics and ship management. Don't get to play much these days after getting married in 2001. Wanted to be a special effects artist and modelor and later an animator. Finances didn't work out, but still a fan.

Been a regular of Dennis Bailey's most excellent site ( united )since Oct 2003. I am a big fan of Dennis Bailey's CGI starship models. Especially those he has done for "The Tressarian Intersection". Avid fan of Starship Exeter. Currently attmepting to a Exeter fan mini-series as a conceptual demo for a Exeter TV season. Want to see Exeter do many more episodes, and very much would ike to see something like it be the future of Trek in a continuation.

Like the Trek fan films. Alot of them springing up in the past few years. More than I can shake a stick at, or cram through a 56k modem.
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