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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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Another question -- how many frames per second will the animation be? I believe Filmation did "one for two" -- meaning one frame of animation for every two frames of film -- or 12 fps. Video is 29.97 frames per second, so pure "one for two" would be about 15 fps. If you wanted to truly mimic Filmation's style, then you could make 12 fps as one for two and later interpolate to 29.97.
It is actually a bit more complicated at that...the episodes were originally on film and then converted to NTSC (telecine) just like any film-to-television conversion.

However, let's take the televsion format out of this and just talk about the raw film...You are correct that many of the items (displays, character lip syncing, etc.) appeared to 12 fps but are still 24fps. It was just the cels were not maniuplated every frame but every 2 frames...which does give a 12fps appearance...However, some items had movement on every frame that went by. For example, the ship moving across the screen was full motion, as were some of the run cycles, and anytime they used optical effect instead of an animation move.

We are doing the exact same thing with our episode and I think you will be very pleased with the result. We are working at 24fps, the lip syncs are 2 frames per move, and ship movements and opticals will be every frame. We will release it at 24 fps on the internet, and the DVDs will play on televisions just like the live episodes, which are also 24fps (23.976 to be exact) and converted to 30fps by your DVD player.

Hope that help...
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