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Re: Yesterday's Enterprise

I'm sure it was just a brain fart and she meant "The Offspring" not "The Outcast."

Similar titles.

Anyhow. This episode is the best episode of Trek, ever, and quite possibly the best hour of television I've ever seen.

I remember when it was first on, how excited everyone in the BBS community was. People lucky enough to have VCRs (I didn't) watched it over and over and over. Which I eventually did, once I was able to tape it in reruns. And of course now I have the DVD, which I've seen many times as well.

It is probably hard for newcomers to Trek to imagine just how great this episode was at the time, just because it has been replicated so many times on later serieses. Pretty much the same story as the Borg - time travel has been done a bit to death, as was mentioned in the review.

(Though I would have listed "Timeless," not "Year of Hell," as Voyager's "Yesterday's Enterprise" though both have that general idea.)

I especially like the guest actors from the C. Garrett is what I wished Janeway would have been, and what she was on her better days: a strong competent female captain.

I only wish the TNG movies had been as cinematic as this episode; it always feels more like a movie than a TV episode to me. Partly because of the TOS movie era bridge set and uniforms - I always liked this era's style the best.
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