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Star Trek News Bullets

  • The San Diego Union-Tribune posted several pictures from Star Trek: The Exhibition, which recently opened in Balboa Park. Among the pictures shown are: the entrance to the exhibit, an Enterprise corridor, original series uniforms on display, and some troublesome Klingons.

  • Trekweb reported that Operation Beta Shield, produced by Hidden Frontier and Starship Intrepid, has finished filming and is now in post-production. Operation Beta Shield will be released in July.

  • As reported by, no final decision has been made regarding the future of Star Trek: The Experience. According to a Cedar Fair executive in Las Vegas, "By the end of June, we have to know one way or the other."

  • reviewed the new Diamond Selection action figures from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Fifteen Wrath of Khan figures are available, including a "Death of Spock" set which includes a radiation version of Spock along with a grieving figure of Admiral Kirk.

  • GateWorld posted the first official Season Five gallery shots of Robert Picardo, who as Richard Woolsey will be taking command of the expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy.

  • A remastered image from the Requiem for Methuselah episode of the original series is available at Flint's castle, a digital matte painting by Max Gabl, has been updated.

  • Kim Cattrall spoke recently about various characters that she has played, including Lieutenant Valeris, in an interview posted at
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