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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

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Thanks for the updates! I was thrilled when I first read about this project and saw the teaser. There was some talk about an animated Exeter production a while back but it never seemed to get off the ground. I've enjoyed the work of Kail Tescar and NeoFX and I'm really looking forward to following this and watching the final product(s). Thanks!
Guys, thanks for all of the kind words...

I guess now would be as good of a time as any to ask for some 'help'. As you know, we have a dedicated web site for these episodes ( Since we are such a small crew (pun), we haven't had much time to put together the web site that will accompany the release. Since it appears we have a LOT of skilled folks out there I wanted to put an invitation out for a web designer for our go-live site.

Since this is a fan-production, we cannot pay you. However, we can offer you the following:

1) The fame and glory associated with creating a very professional site that will have your name on it.
2) You name forever immortalized in the closing credits of the episodes
3) A personalized 2D image of you as a TAS Starfleet officer (yes Kail, I will pay for this )
4) A sneak preview of the final episodes before they are released to the public
5) A free DVD copy of the episodes when they are released

To qualify, I would like to see JPG 'mock ups' of what you are proposing. There will be a 'home' page, a cast/crew page, a downloads page, FAQs, and a press page (with press releases and links to articles about the programs).

Please send the mockups (and, please, mockups only) to animation (at) neo-fx (dot) com. If you are skilled in flash I wouldn't mind (but isn't required) a Flash opening to the page as well.

Sorry for pandering, but I have a feeling we have some folks here that would be a perfect match for this assignment.
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