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Re: Anne Hathaway: Genre babe of the week #26 (June 2008)

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In a lot of her pictures, she seems to have exagerated facial features, like big eyes, a big nose, big mouth, big teeth and a big smile. She reminds me of Mr. Potato Head. Just an observation. She's still the consumate girl next door and has a touch of 'Hollywood Starlet' to go with it. So... Thumbs up.

She also reminds me of one of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman. A "goody-two-shoes" who wanted to brake out of that image by taking on some sexier and more risqué roles after leaving her teen years behind. (SLIGHT NUDITY! BE WARNED!) Pic #1, Pic #2, Pic #3, Pic #4 & Pic #5.

I read that she was offered and turned down the role in Knocked Up that eventually went to Katherine Heigl. Apparently there was a certain shot during the child birth scene that she didn't like eventhough it wasn't going to be her in the shot. Too bad she didn't take the part. I think she would have been fantastic.

One last thing... I'm sure she'll do great in Get Smart, but I think I would have preferred someone older as Agent 99.
Anyway you can PM me those links without the black boxes?
Well I'd like to get in on that also.
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