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Re: Play 'Star Trek' 20Q

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It got Risa in 22 questions. Unfortunately some people seem to be answering only yes or no to questions you can't possibly know the answer to, and incorrectly or overly literally to others.
Those are annoying enough, but there are some real fundamental flaws that make the make the questioning rather dumb.

First of all, plenty of answers are completely wrong.
Is Sisko mechanically adept? No -- Except for the fact that he built an entire solar sailing ship as a hobby.

Has Gorkon ever been caught telling a lie? Yes -- Hell if I know when, though.

Would Kor make a good captain? No -- Apparently Martok answered that one.

Does Sarek appreciate music? No -- Sure could have fooled me.

Second of all, the questioning is too random.

Sentient being:
Is it human? -- Yes
Is it reliable with a phaser? Yes
Can it fit in a cargo bay? -- Err... yeah.
Can it be trusted with a phaser? -- You already asked that, dammit.
Is it programmable? -- Whaa... ???
Can it be used to harm somebody? -- I s'pose.
Does it wear a red shirt? -- Yes!
I'm guessing it is Harry Kim. -- You've got to be kidding me.
Is it a planet? -- NO!!! {Head desk}
I'm guessing it is Galorndon Core. -- Yes. Yes, it is Galorndon Core. Good work.
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