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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

NEO f/x/Michael, thanks for registering and replying to our questions!

You met with Lou Scheimer? I'm both impressed and envious. That must have been a thrill!

NEO f/x wrote: View Post
As for the question FalTorPan asked about how we are creating this, the answer is actually very similar to the original series. While there are animation software packages out there that could help us with this, we are going 'old school' and creating individual 'cels' in programs like Photoshop, and then 'staging' the cels in After Effects. They are then hand animated, just like the original. I have spent hours personally 'dissecting' the original episodes and found a technique that seems to replicate the 'feel' of TAS.
That is so cool. Wow.
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