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Re: Starship Farragut: The Animated Episodes Questions

Ask and ye shall receive...

This is Michael, manager of the NEO f/x team. I appreciate everyone's interest in our project, so I joined specifically to give you an update on our progress.
  • We have the primary voices recorded (Chase Masterson, Chris Doohan, Vic Mignogna, Tim Russ and the rest of the Farragut crew). We are going through and finding any areas we need re-takes, but we are close to being done with recording.
  • I met with Lou Scheimer, one of the founders of Filmation, when I was last in LA. I was invited to his house where I showed him what we had so far. He gave his full endorsement on the project. As many of you may know, he also voiced quite a few characters in the original Filmation cartoons, and he may be making a cameo appearance in our productions as well.
  • I finally got to meet Jack Trevino (DS9) while in Texas last month. He is a great guy, and monitors this forum on a regular basis.
  • We have a new illustrator on board from Japan. While his expertise is anime, he is delivering some high-quality TAS stuff.
  • Our Associate Producer, Kail Tescar (from, is still working on a comic book of Starship Farragut as well, and he hopes to release that toward the end of the year. He is also our primary illustrator and is producing some great characterizations of the Farragut crew, along with some TAS-style backgrounds.
  • Our composer has turned in some sketches of some great TAS style music. This is one area people remember from the original series and many of the cues will be reminiscent of TAS.
In other words, we are moving along nicely. However, I know what everyone wants to hear...a release date. I still want to put these out before the end of the year. The original plan was to release them both at the same time; however, we may stagger them so we can get each one 'just right' for the fans.

As for the question FalTorPan asked about how we are creating this, the answer is actually very similar to the original series. While there are animation software packages out there that could help us with this, we are going 'old school' and creating individual 'cels' in programs like Photoshop, and then 'staging' the cels in After Effects. They are then hand animated, just like the original. I have spent hours personally 'dissecting' the original episodes and found a technique that seems to replicate the 'feel' of TAS.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this project.
Michael-NEO f/x

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