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Play 'Star Trek' 20Q

Star Trek fans can help make the programmed AI for the hand-held "mind-reading" 20Q game smarter.

As reported by, the online version of the game is designed to help in designing the hand-held version and to give the artificial intelligence engine that runs the hand-held game more details about Star Trek so that it can improve the hand-held version.

The game starts out by asking the player to think of a sentient being, place or thing from the Star Trek world. It then asks the player questions in hopes of gaining sufficient information for the AI to "guess" about what place, thing, or being had been chosen by the player.

If the game beats the player, it says "I win! Another mind read. Who's next!" and it will list questions where the player's answer was different that that of the majority of players. If the player beats the AI, the message is "I didn't get it! How human of me. You win!" and as with the other case, it will list the questions where the player's answer differed with that of the majority.

To read more, head to the article located here. The website for the game can be found here.

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