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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

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As for right now, well, a $40 price drop and an additional discount convinced me to buy a Kindle. I know it's a bit controversial in techie crowds, but other than a few minor nitpicks, I really like it.
It's good to see the price coming down, but it still seems way over the top; I don't know how they justify it when an iPod does far more for less. Anyway, I'm waiting for someone to come out with a large screen version that looks like a nice leather-bound book.
The additional discount factored into it for me, but it's a totally different experience than reading on something like a PDA or a laptop, just because of the screen. The e-ink/paper/whatever is pretty easy on the eyes, and it doesn't take very long to forget you're reading on a device. Sometimes I think it should be backlit, but I imagine that could cause some eyestrain, so I just use a booklight if I'm reading in the dark.

The benefit I hadn't expected was the built-in dictionary. I have a bad habit of intending to look up a word later, then forgetting to actually do it. You just scroll up to the line, select the word, and there you go. The access to Wikipedia's been handy, too.

The battery life is pretty crazy if you only use the wireless aspect when you're downloading something. I've had it on for 3-4 days straight this week, and the indicator is just past the halfway mark.

As for the leather-bound book, it kind of feels that way in the case. The only bad thing about the case is that it could hold onto the Kindle better. I took the advice of some of the owners and put in some Velcro, and it feels pretty solid.

I thought I'd want the "book look," too, but I've found that it's most comfortable to fold the cover back when I'm reading, sort of like a magazine. It makes the whole thing easier to hold.

I can probably think of a few. How do you get your own e-books on there? USB? What are the range of formats that it supports?
It can do TXT and HTML, and I'm pretty sure it does Word docs, though I'd have to check. They're experimenting with PDF, but so far it seems to work just fine. I don't think chapter links work in PDF, but that may change. It remembers where you left off, anyway.

You can put it on with USB, or if you're lazy you can email the document to your Kindle, and the next time you turn on the wireless, it'll download. They say that they charge ten cents per email, but I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and they haven't charged me. I don't know if you get a few freebies or what.

I don't know how it compares to other eBooks. Like I said, I gravitated to this one because of the discount, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the wireless shopping, Wikipedia, etc. It's even got an experimental Web browser, and I checked out TrekBBS. They've still got a ways to go on that, though, if a site has a lot of graphics.

If you have a big enough SD card, you can put mp3s on there and listen to them. That's not really for me, though; I have a hard time listening to music as I read. I usually get too into one to notice the other.
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