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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

I don't like the fact that they added that little control room there....I always imagined it as being some sort of beacon or tractor beam emitter. There are plenty of control rooms inside the hangar deck, and the sensor capabilities of the Enterprise would render such room useless...I bet it was done more out of boredom of those that created the Interactive Enterprise Inspection than out of necessity for successful hangar deck operations.

In addition, I agree with FalTorPan's remark.

For my Star Trek mod for MotS, I'm currently working on my own rendition of the shuttlebay, with a large cargo complex directly forward of it. It's hard enough filling the hangar's 4 overlooking control rooms with control panels already. I, for one, will not make use of the additional one depicted in the link above.

BTW, Shaw, I've been keeping up with your thread here for a while. Love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. Are you planning using the area directly forward of the shuttlebay as a cargo area? That's what I've been working on. Figure it makes a lot of sense, plus it's a tip of the hat to Andrew Probert for his genius work on the cargo complex in TMP. I've also as well incorporated a double observation deck between the shuttlebay and the room directly forward....seems as if great minds think alike.
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