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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction

Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan Maberry was pretty good, though it ends with something of a cliffhanger. That's always frustrating, but he'll definitely get me to pick up the sequel.

It'd be a good one for Hallowe'en, actually, since that's when it takes place, and it's got some of the window dressing. Its protagonist is a pretty die-hard Hallowe'en enthusiast, basically turning his hobby shop into Hallowe'en Central for the town. He also manages the town's Haunted Hayride. Fun stuff, and a pretty strong debut novel from Maberry.

As for right now, well, a $40 price drop and an additional discount convinced me to buy a Kindle. I know it's a bit controversial in techie crowds, but other than a few minor nitpicks, I really like it.

In fact, it's saving me some space, because I've packed up all of my books which are in the public domain and put them in the garage for that "someday" when my wife and I move into a house. I was pretty surprised to see how much of what I own is in the public domain, and how easy it all is to find online. Project Gutenberg alone has more than you can possibly read. Between that and legal torrents, the wireless capability almost seems unnecessary.

That said, I enjoy browsing the Amazon store with it, especially for new releases. The horror section is still a little slim (1,413 titles, as I type this), but it slowly increases. It's got some that I'm looking forward to reading, including the third part of Maberry's trilogy.

But it's fun to browse, and you can have it send you a sample chapter to see if you really want to buy the book. It has a "save for later" option that works kind of like an Amazon wish list.

Anyway, I don't mean for this to be a Kindle review (but if anyone's got a question about it, I'll answer), but I felt like "breaking it in" with a classic, so I'm re-reading Dracula. It's been a while since I've read it, and this edition has lots of interesting footnotes about things in the book I wouldn't have known.

So what else are you ghouls reading? This thread has gone a while without mention of Dean Koontz, which may be a good or a bad thing. I've only read one Koontz book (Frankenstein: Prodigal Son), and it was co-written with Kevin J. Anderson, who I don't really care for. The book was pretty mediocre, and I don't know which to blame.
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