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Joe Giliberti
The USS Clarke: Starfleet Special Operations

A Special Ops Team was deemed necessary after the disastrous assassination of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon and the coup that caused it. It was decided that a special team was to be put together, to provide assistance in such dire situations.

In 2296, some of Starfleet's finest were assembled, lead by Captain Checkov, and were given a Constitution Class Vessel, the former USS Eagle, now the USS Dimension. This vessel served excellently in the fields of science and medicine, diplomacy, intelligence, engineering, and security, until its destruction with all hands in 2329 by a supposed Romulan ship.

After the Dimension's destruction, Starfleet realized that an invaluable asset had been lost. They realized that they needed a new Ship, and a new crew. An Excelsior Class Explorer was about to be commissioned, but starfleet ordered certain upgrades. Its phaser banks were replaced with new, experimental arrays, and double shot photon torpedo tubes were installed. Primary and secondary high power shields were installed, and the warp engines were given a new top speed of Warp 9.2. The ship was named the USS Clarke in honor of 20th century science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

The crew was chosen carefully. For the ship's captain, Commander Giliberti, first officer of the Brittain, and also a medical doctor, was chosen. Giliberti was told to pick the best of the best in the fields of Engineering, Science, Medicine, Intelligence, Diplomacy, and Security to handle the Special Operations missions which the ship would be endevouring on. With his choices set, the ship and its crew would continue in the footsteps of their predecessors.

-Captain Joe Giliberti
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