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Re: A Matter of Perspective

I liked this episode.

Krag explains that hearsay evidence is permissible under the laws of his planet.

Apgar was mostly protecting the knowledge of the completion of his experiment and his ability to profit from it as a weapon. He thought Riker threatened to cut off his funding. That Riker would figuratively cut off something else is only secondary. The "You're a dead man, Apgar. A dead man!" line was hilarious.

Jeordi's technobabble is necessary but I like technobabble. When it runs long like that, the producers/writers refer to it as "laying pipe". This term is actually used for all long descriptive narratives. It does tend to slow a story down, though.

I never got the impression that Jenice was intellectually inferior to Paul Manheim. He wasn't so much unhinged as suffering from time distortion effects. Of course he was the great scientist, not her, but that doesn't make her a dummy. Manua, on the other hand, did come across as a bit of a nitwit. This is unusual since people tend to marry those of roughly equivalent IQ, but not always.

Bottom line: I liked this episode, It was fun. And the review was thoughtful and well written.
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