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FedCon USA Closes Abruptly

During the second day of the FedCon USA convention, being held in Dallas, Texas, the convention was abruptly canceled due to low attendance.

As reported by, after John Billingsley, the first Saturday guest, had finished his appearance, Richard Anderson, show MC, came out and informed the crowd that "We have no choice but to cancel the remainder of the event."

The reason given for the cancellation was lower-than-expected attendance. Organizers had been "hoping for people to show up," but when they didn't, "we ha[d] no choice," Anderson explained. He then explained that attendees would get a full refund, with those who bought tickets at the event getting them first and others would get their refunds "at a later date."

Anderson said that FedCon USA organizer and TrekUnited founder Tim Brazeal, who was not in attendance due to illness, would "go into personal debt" to pay back all attendees.

FedCon Germany, who had licensed the name to Brazeal, had disassociated themselves with FedCon USA back in January and according to Billingsley, "this has nothing to do with FedCon Germany."

According to Chuck Ballard, Brazeal's son, "The biggest matter was disorganization. Tim is very smart, but we were spread thin, and some areas didnít get covered."

To read more, head to the article located here.

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