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No Slowing Down For Shatner

Although seventy-seven, William Shatner shows no signs of heading for the rocking chair just yet.

As reported by The Dallas News, Shatner wants to make the most of the time that he has left. "I don't have much time left," he said. "So if I'm hustling at all it's because...It's the football hustle. 'Let's move at a double pace because the yards are giving out. Double time now because there isn't that much time.' You may interpret it as a hustle. I'm thinking, 'Let's get some stuff, let's get it all done.'"

But Shatner realizes what is important in life, family and friends. He wrote his latest book for his family. "This is a good opportunity to write something that was in effect a legacy for my children and grandchildren and give them a taste of what my life was about," he said.

But not everyone appreciates his new book. As reported at, the family of Nerine Shatner feels that Up Till Now is "riddled with discrepancies about the fateful night of August 9, 1999," when Shatner found his wife in their pool at their home. According to Nerine's brother William Kidd, "they're fed up that Shatner's exploiting her death to sell his recently released memoirs."

Kidd feels that Shatner didn't do all that he could have on the fateful night. "The natural reaction of a loving husband would be to start CPR," he said. "But Shatner didn't do that, and he hosted Rescue 911 for years!

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